Welcoming 2018!

I would like to start by wishing every one a happy new year!  2017 was absolutely amazing, I can't believe how fast it went! 


- Geysir, Iceland

One of my highlights from 'last year' is when my best friend and I ventured to Iceland.  Was it ever amazing.  I had never done so much hiking in my life - well, in such a short span anyhow!  We hiked every opportunity we had, ate out once a day, and ensured we booked a room that included free breakfast in the morning!  The motto for the trip became "well. We're here... If we don't continue, we will regret it later". While we were absolutely exhausted, we always seemed to push ourselves over twice as far as we thought we could have gone!


- Jökulsárlón, Iceland

One of the great things about Iceland was that we didn't need to worry about animals killing us, only the weather.  There was so many sheep and horses on the drive, we couldn't believe how gorgeous everything was.  One of the things that surprised us the most was that Iceland seems to have their own version of many animals that we are accustomed to see here in Canada.  It didn't take long for us to identify everything as 'i-something'.  "Look! i-Horses!"

- George & May, Iceland

We were only in Iceland for a week and had decided that completing the ring road was too rushed for our liking. We landed in Reykjavik at 4am and drove the 8 hour drive to Hofn (South-West Iceland).  From there, we drove towards Reykjavik every day in 1 to 2 hour drives.  We took every opportunity we could and enjoyed ourselves.  Every night we would book our next spot and decide what we would do after consulting the locals  (I would not suggest doing this in the summer! book ahead).  We left extra time for those random things that piqued our curiosity.   

Our last night in Iceland, we treated ourselves to the Blue Lagoon.  We were so happy with our choice to do this at the end of our trip! It gave us a good chance to soak our muscles before the flight back.


- Ring Road, Iceland

The one thing I will take from this trip into 2018, is to take opportunities and enjoy every minute of it, even when sometimes you don't know where you're going.  

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